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Base Hit Pitching Machine
Item: Base Hit Pitching Machine
SKU: *BH199
Base Hit Pitching Machine
Price: $189.99

This product cannot be shipped outside the USA.

Base Hit Pitching Machine-Base Hit comes with a variable speed control, so you can hit pitches from speeds of 15 to 45 MPH.
Base hit pitching machine comes with 12 Ball Auto-Ball Spiral Feeder that delivers 1 ball every ten seconds.
Machine uses real baseballs,poly balls or Slider safety balls.

Here’s What You Get.
1 Poly Pitching Machine Baseball for perfect baseball accuracy.
12 Ball Auto-Ball Spiral Feeder delivers 1 ball every ten seconds.
Variable speed control & dual bearing electric motor pitches baseballs up to 45 mph.
6” Air-Filled Wheel cushions the balls and pitches consistent strikes every time.
Rugged composite pitching machine housing to protect you from spinning wheel.
Adjustable pitch height knob to get the pitch height you want.
Heavy-duty tubular steel tripod stand with pushpin legs for quick assembly.

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