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Portable Mounds
Item: Portolite Game Mound 6"
SKU: 6672
Portolite Game Mound  6
Price: $729.99

Portolite Game Mound,Youth 6"-This portable pitching mound Allows for On-Base Situations.This portolite game mound weighs just 60 lbs.
This Portolite Game Mound is great for practice!.
This Portolite Game Mound can be Used Indoors or Outdoors.

Turn any softball field into a youth baseball field in minutes with this portolite game mound!.
This portable mound is Very Durable.
Features a Flexible Polyethylene Foam Core with a Simulated Rubber Cover that will Not Damage or Slip on Gym Floors.
Covered with Spike Resistant Nylon Astroturf for Added Durability.
Regulation pitching rubber attached.

Measures 6" H x 48" W x 72" L.
*Ships in 48 Hours*.
*This item is delivered via commercial motor freight.
Freight cost is based on a commercial or business address.Residential will have an additional charge.
So to avoid these additional costs have it shipped to a business where you know the owner.
Highly Recommend for Serious Youth Programs.
Mound Dimensions: 29" from the front of the rubber to the tip of the mound.
33" from the rear of the rubber.

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